Jamal Brown

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Areas of expertise: Health, homelessness, addiction and recovery, mental health and well-being, spirituality and inspiration

Bio: Jamal Brown is an inspirational community member, father, coach, and mentor who strives to set a good example for the next generation. He was inspired to do this work because he knows what it is like not to have the type of encouragement he now gives to others. Jamal is an active member of Camden Coalition’s Community Advisory Committee and Housing First group, an alumni of the National Consumer Scholar program, and a Camden County NuEntry Opportunity Specialist where he helps people who are leaving incarceration to integrate back into society and not feel alone. In 2019 he shared testimony at the New Jersey State House of Representatives to support passage of a bill to improve access to state IDs and driver’s licenses. In his free time, Jamal enjoys playing video games, reading the Bible, and spending time with positive people.