Webinar recording

Thriving and surviving after a medical diagnosis: Strategies for patients and providers

Care management & redesign Community & consumer engagement

A webinar hosted by the National Consumer Scholars

For many people, receiving a serious medical diagnosis for themselves or a loved one is a turning point in life. In the moments following a diagnosis, care providers have the opportunity to ensure that their patients understand the prognosis, process complex emotions, and connect to follow-up care and social supports. However, too often patients are left to bear the burden of navigating these challenges on their own. Grounded in the lived experience of three of the National Center’s Consumer Scholars, this webinar aimed to shed light on the challenges and opportunities for both patients and providers following a medical diagnosis. Presenters discussed some common challenges experienced by patients, provided concrete strategies that can be employed by care team members as well as patients themselves, and discussed the value of partnering with patients to improve care delivery and connections in these crucial moments.