Early bird registration is open from now until July 15.

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Registration for Putting Care at the Center 2024

We are looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh, PA, October 16-18 for Putting Care at the Center 2024! This year’s theme is From partnerships to ecosystems of care.

This year attendees will be able to participate in plenary sessions, a choice of workshop sessions, the Beehive, welcome reception, site visit events around Pittsburgh, and several networking opportunities.

Early bird registration is open from now until July 15.

Two pricing boxes stacked on top of two more pricing boxes with text separating them. The first box is titled full package early registration priced at $995. The second box is titled full package regular registration priced at $1,095. Text under the first two boxes states "The full package includes your choice of one pre-conference learning opportunity". Under the text are the last two boxes side-by-side. The first is titled conference only early bird registration priced at $795. The last box is titled conference only regular registration priced at $895.



Reduced registration rates

Because we want a wide range of individuals and teams to be able to attend, we offer reduced registration rates for qualifying non-profit organizations, government entities, community health workers, students, and consumers/family caregivers. The registration process will identify the available discount you qualify for based on the information you provide.

Three pricing boxes side-by-side. The first box is titled "discounted" priced at $695. The second box is titled "student" priced at $350. And the last box is titled "complex care consumer family caregiver" and is priced at $249.





Reduced registration rates are available for the following:

  • Government entities: Anyone who currently holds a position in a city, state, county, or federal agency.
  • Nonprofit: Anyone who works for a nonprofit organization that generates less than $15 million in revenue each year.
  • Community health worker/navigator/peer: Anyone who currently holds a job title and/or certification as a community health worker (CHW), patient navigator, case manager or peer counselor, or equivalent.

Anyone who is currently enrolled in an education program. Must submit photo/document that shows a current student ID or transcript.

Complex care consumers/Family caregivers

It is extremely important to us to have people with lived experience at our conference, so we offer a discounted registration rate to complex care consumers or family caregivers of complex care consumers. We also have limited scholarship opportunities available. Learn more and apply now.

If you have questions about pricing or cannot afford to attend but would like to, please contact Carly Moore at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Group registration discount

A 10% discount is available for groups of 4 or more people from the same organization. All attendees in the group must be registered at the same time. This discount cannot be combined with reduced discounted registration rates listed above and is only available to attendees registering at the early bird or regular rate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carly Moore at [email protected]

Pre-conference learning opportunities

Prior to the start of the conference, we will be offering two supplemental learning activities, Creating safer care and Social needs in healthcare: Turning evidence into practice. One of these offerings can be added to discounted registration or purchased in registration package pricing. Both events will include continuing education credits separate from those for attending the conference.

Information on learning objectives, instructors, presenters, and more can be found on the additional offerings page.

To register for either of these offerings, please register for the conference. During the registration process, you will be able to select your choice of training.

Creating safer care

We will be hosting a special pre-conference, in-person training on creating safer care for pregnant and parenting people who use drugs (PWUD). Access to quality maternal healthcare and social support without the fear of criminalization is crucial, not only for racial and health equity but also for overdose prevention. Overdose is a leading cause of maternal mortality in the United States. The good news is that harm reduction strategies centering the health, autonomy, and dignity of pregnant and parenting people who use drugs improve maternal health outcomes.

This training will address the urgent need for healthcare workers to adopt a family-focused, whole-person approach to working with pregnant and parenting people who use drugs.  This training, based on the Creating safe care: Supporting pregnant and parenting patients who use drugs toolkit, focuses on five core competencies: relationship building, screening, treatment planning, reporting, providers as partners.

Social needs in healthcare: Turning evidence into practice

Housing and food insecurity, lack of employment and transportation, social isolation — factors outside the health care system — drive so much of people’s health. In recognition, healthcare entities and policymakers are prioritizing investments and putting staff time and energy towards addressing patients’ social needs. But what is the best way to do this? What does the evidence say about what works and what doesn’t? This three-hour symposium will feature national complex care experts, including clinical leaders, policymakers, researchers, community-based organizations, and advocates. They will share what they are seeing on the ground, what research is showing us about the most effective strategies for addressing social needs in healthcare, and how they are translating evidence into practice.

Cancellation policy

All cancellations and transfers of registration must be received by completing the Request for transfer or cancellation of registration form. If cancellation is requested on or before August 15, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 administrative processing fee. Cancellation requests received on or after August 16, 2024, regardless of when registration was purchased, will not be refunded. However, you will be given access to all conference recordings post-conference.

All refunds will be processed post-conference. Registrants who are no-shows for the conference will not receive a refund.

Questions? Please contact Carly Moore at [email protected].