Working toward a national strategy to advance partnerships between healthcare organizations and people with lived experience

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Community Catalyst staff members represent INSPIRE at the American Hospital Association's Advancing Health Equity conference

We’ve been heartened to see growing excitement and buy-in around community engagement from the healthcare sector. Health systems and health plans believe engaging community members and people with lived experience is the right thing to do — but they often don’t know how to do it.

INSPIRE (Initiating National Strategies for Partnership, Inclusion, and Real Engagement) seeks to fill that gap. We are working with other national leaders in community engagement and people with lived experience themselves to identify best practices for authentic, mutually beneficial partnership between healthcare organizations and community members, and to turn these best practices into a national strategy that comes with tools, resources, and learning and coaching models.

Phase 1 of INSPIRE launched in May 2023.

Learn more about this project in our implementation snapshot.

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