Promoting the roadmap for effective community engagement in healthcare

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Thank you for helping to spread the word about the roadmap for effective community engagement in healthcare.

Below are sample social media language, image cards, and email language to help promote the report. Feel free to adjust the sample language below to match your personal or organizational communication style.

About the roadmap for effective community engagement in healthcare


Sample language

LinkedIn, Facebook, or newsletter sample language

  • Community engagement is all the rage in healthcare, but do you know how to do it effectively? Learn how organizations can engage members of the communities they serve to build trust, advance health equity, and improve care outcomes in a new report from INSPIRE. It’s a roadmap for how organizations can go beyond inviting the community to the table toward learning how to build the table from the ground up together. Stay tuned for more tools coming out over the next year from the INSPIRE team, that will help translate the recommendations in this roadmap into action.


  • How can healthcare organizations partner effectively and equitably with people with lived experience (PWLE)? A new report from INSPIRE provides a roadmap, with recommendations for healthcare leaders and staff, PWLE, funders, policymakers, and community-based organizations.



Twitter/X sample language

  • How can healthcare orgs and community members partner to improve care and outcomes? New report from #INSPIREngagement provides a roadmap for more effective and equitable #CommunityEngagement in healthcare:


  • What does it look like to move beyond inviting community members to the table— and toward building that table together? We’re proud to have helped produce a new roadmap for #CommunityEngagement in healthcare as part of #INSPIREngagement:


  • The healthcare field increasingly understands WHY authentic #CommunityEngagement is important. But HOW do we build those partnerships? New roadmap and recommendations from #INSPIREngagement here:


  • People with lived experience and community members have the expertise to help healthcare orgs improve care and outcomes. Learn how to build effective and equitable partnerships in your community:


  • Stronger connections with and genuine feedback from community members means improved care and outcomes for healthcare orgs. Check out the new roadmap from #INSPIREngagment on effective #CommunityEngagement:


  • Like most things, better #CommunityEngagement requires investment in infrastructure and in people. Recommendations for healthcare leaders, policymakers, and more in #INSPIREngagement’s new roadmap: