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Are you helping to improve care for people with complex health and social needs? Are you breaking down silos and bringing organizations together into an ecosystem of care in your community? Share your innovative models, resources, tools, and partnerships at Putting Care at the Center 2024, this year’s annual conference for the field of complex care.

The Putting Care at the Center conference offers two ways to engage with attendees: workshops and the interactive Beehive. Workshops are breakout sessions for participants. The Beehive is the conference’s semi-structured networking space, where selected facilitators will be given stations at which to share their work with conference attendees as they circulate through the space.

These opportunities are open to leaders, practitioners, students, researchers, advocates, and others wishing to share open–source resources and tools, innovative programs and partnerships, field experiences, and significant research findings.

If you represent a company, foundation, or other organization looking to elevate your brand, promote your proprietary products and services, and grow your customer base, we welcome you to present your work as a conference sponsor.

Workshop applications

Applications for 2024 workshop sessions are open now!

Workshop sessions are intended to expose participants to knowledge and skills that are relevant and immediately actionable to the complex care field. Examples include describing a particular care model, teaching a specific skill, or discussing a particular research finding or policy topic. We encourage workshops to be interactive with the audience.

Workshops should focus on generalizable takeaways for a broad audience and be centered around one or more of the following topics:

  • Care delivery
  • Data & evaluation
  • Policy & advocacy
  • Program design & operations
  • Leadership & collaboration

Deadline to submit a workshop application is March 4, 2024.

Past workshop presentations


Beehive applications

Applications to facilitate a Beehive station are now open.

The Beehive is the innovation and semi-structured networking space at the conference. The goal is to share emerging knowledge, experience, strategy, and challenges with and among attendees, and secure new allies and potential collaborators. Watch this video to learn more.

Beehive station submissions should aim to raise relevant issues, showcase research and innovation related to complex care, and facilitate exchange and conversation with a diverse audience of practitioners and people with lived experience from across the country.

There are two ways to participate in the Beehive:

  • Poster station
  • Tabletop station

Deadline to submit a Beehive station application is May 9, 2024.

What is the Beehive?

Learn more about the buzz surrounding the Beehive at Putting Care at the Center

Past Beehive stations