Field Coordinating Committee

Aligning advances in complex care

Building the complex care field

The Complex Care Field Coordinating Committee (FCC) was established in 2019 to coordinate and align activities underway at organizations across the country to advance the field of complex care with the goal of improving outcomes for people with complex needs on a national level.

The five organizations that make made up the FCC were:

Many of the activities that the FCC oversaw were in response to the 11 recommendations laid out in the Blueprint for Complex Care.

Before formally ending in 2022, The FCC’s work to date includes:

  • Development of complex care core competencies, through an expert working group, with input from the broader field.
  • Initial research into the establishment of standardized quality measures for the field of complex care, resulting in a report and accompanying brief that include eight recommendations for next steps
  • Creation of the Coordination Complex Care COVID-19 Community Response, an informal coalition of national organizations that shares resources and works collaboratively to address the needs of individuals with complex needs and the organizations serving them during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Coordination around strategic planning and communications on behalf of the complex care field.