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Improving care for people with complex needs

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Our health and social systems will work for everyone when they work for those they are failing the most.

Currently, our healthcare and social systems are set up to treat individual needs in isolation. By piloting and demonstrating care models that work for those with the most complex needs, we work to transform and connect fragmented systems — in Camden, across New Jersey, and around the country — into equitable ecosystems of care.

Because when providers, organizations, and sectors work together, every individual — regardless of their needs — can receive person-centered care.

About the Camden Coalition

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Advancing equitable ecosystems of care

No single organization can meet all of its community members’ needs. For truly coordinated whole-person care, organizations, sectors, fields, and professions must work together. We support South Jersey’s ecosystem of care as a designated Regional Health Hub, and work with communities across the country to build and strengthen their own care ecosystems.

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Demonstrating what works

From new care management pilots to system redesign to national learning collaboratives, we demonstrate what works and what doesn’t to improve care, build an evidence base for the complex care field, and share best practices through teaching and training.

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