Camden RESET

Jail-based re-entry care management

Care management & redesign Strengthening ecosystems of care Legal & criminal justice

Camden RESET (Re-Entering Society with Effective Tools) was a targeted care management pilot aimed at understanding the individual and systemic barriers faced by Camden residents who have both frequent hospital admissions and frequent arrests and periods of incarceration.

Our goal was to improve participants well-being by helping them gain the skills and support they needed to avoid arrests and preventable hospital admissions. Camden RESET built on insights from Camden ARISE, which linked arrest data with hospital and ER data, and identified a small number of individuals with significant criminal justice and hospital involvement. Camden ARISE data revealed key risk factors for people caught at the intersection of these systems, including housing instability, substance use disorders, poor mental health, and other health and social needs.

Lessons we learned from this pilot include:

  • the importance of cross-sector data-sharing relationships
  • authentic healing relationships with providers give participants the ability to build trust, hope, and competence
  • investing time and resources in building partner organizations’ capacity helps build strong ecosystems of care

Program partners:

  • Camden County Re-Entry Committee
  • Arnold Ventures



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