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Office Hours for Complex Care: Maximizing partnerships with the criminal justice sector

Strengthening ecosystems of care Legal & criminal justice

This Office Hours session features Laura Buckley, Senior Program Manager for Innovation Operations; Dawn Wiest, Director of Action Research and Evaluation; and Tyson Smith, Senior Program Manager for Qualitative Research, who all work on the Camden RESET program at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers.

Individuals with complex health and social needs interact with a multitude of systems, with many of those systems delivering duplicative or ineffective care by failing to address the root causes of the presenting issue. Effective cross-sector collaboration within the complex care field aims to correct this through increased coordination with partner entities that holistically addresses the needs of the patient. In this Office Hours session, Laura, Dawn and Tyson shared information about developing and implementing Camden RESET, highlighting broadly applicable principles and strategies for maximizing partnerships with the criminal justice sector.

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Webinar date: May 9, 2018