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Valued behavioral health outcomes in complex care

Data analysis & integration Behavioral health & addiction Measurement & evaluation

The field of complex care is grappling with questions around demonstrating value: beyond cost savings, how can complex care programs prove their impact? The question of which outcomes to measure is particularly important in behavioral health. Few published evaluations of complex care programs address behavioral health outcomes, and common behavioral health outcome measures may not be appropriate for complex care.

In this webinar, presenters discussed the behavioral health outcomes that are valued by operational and programmatic leaders, and patient advisors in complex care programs. Cara Evans, a PhD student funded by a Fulbright fellowship, and Jason Turi of the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs discussed the results of a study they conducted in partnership. Attendees also heard from Dr. Shane Kuhlman on how Centerstone Research Institute is applying some of the concepts touched upon in the research, as well as a study participant with lived experience of complex health and social needs.

Program administrators and researchers drew on this discussion to inform decisions about behavioral health outcome measurement, helping to ensure that measurement reflects what matters most to service users, providers, and program leaders.