Office-based addiction treatment: Sublocade access

New Jersey provider toolkit

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This toolkit provides an overview of best practices for New Jersey providers looking to secure patient access to Sublocade — a long-lasting injectable treatment for opioid use disorder — by documenting suggested workflows and MCO- and pharmacy-specific processes.

This toolkit is the culmination of the Camden Coalition’s OBAT (office based addiction treatment) Sublocade pilot, which was a partnership with NJ Medicaid’s Office of Behavioral Health, managed care organizations (MCOs), and clinical partners. The Sublocade pilot was a two-step project to explore opportunities for improved patient access to Sublocade. Our goal was to reduce clinic staff time and ease patient burden by reducing the need for monthly patient verbal consent.

The toolkit documents each of the MCO’s and associated pharmacies’ requirements, as well as best practices for coordinating with specialty pharmacies.

This toolkit was prepared by the Camden Coalition with support from New Jersey Medicaid’s Office of Behavioral Health. It is a follow-up to our resource guide for NJ providers that provides best practices for billing MCOs for OBAT services.

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