Billing for office-based addiction treatment

New Jersey provider resource guide

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An overview of billing practices for NJ Family Care’s Office-Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) program. This guide is meant for New Jersey OBAT providers — and their billing offices — who conduct OBAT services and bill managed care organizations (MCOs).

The OBAT model is designed to enhance access and improve utilization of medications for addiction treatment (MAT) services for Medicaid beneficiaries by establishing additional supports and reducing administrative barriers to providing addiction services in ambulatory settings. Using a medication-first approach, the model makes it possible for patients to access medications without first engaging in behavioral health services. OBAT is open to all specialties, not just primary care.

This resource guide was prepared by the Camden Coalition with support from New Jersey Medicaid’s Office of Behavioral Health following a pilot program to investigate and improve OBAT navigator billing issues between providers and MCO partners.