I do, we do, you do: An antidote to the fix-it framework

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The COACH framework, developed by the Camden Coalition, teaches complex care practitioners learn how to get out of a “fix-it framework” mindset that focuses on what can be done for a patient to an I do, we do, you do framework that focuses on empowering a participant to make sustainable change.  

 This brief explores how providers can use the I do, we do, you do technique to gradually release responsibility from the practitioner to the patient, and to help patients build the skills they need to continue to achieve their goals even after care management support is complete. 

 I do, we do, you do is also more sustainable for practitioners because it can reduce workload, reduce burnout, and promote boundaries — and it can be used successfully in many relationships and settings outside of the practitioner/patient interaction.

Looking for more training on implementing our COACH framework? We hold regular online courses on COACH, as well as on other key frameworks and competencies for complex care teams. Check out the Camden Coalition Learning Center or our courses page to learn more.