This report, prepared by Camden Coalition staff as part of the Partnership to Align Social Care, is a roadmap for implementing the community care hub (CCH) model. A CCH is a community-focused entity that organizes and supports a network of community-based organizations (CBOs) that are providing services to address health-related social needs. CCHs centralize administrative functions and operational infrastructure for their CBO network to facilitate smooth contracting and partnership with healthcare organizations.

The report defines the capacity of CCHs and can be used as an assessment of gaps, strengths, and areas of growth for established hubs. It also demonstrates how to communicate to stakeholders the benefits that CCHs bring to a community.

The report defines the roles and responsibilities of a CCH, and groups these functions into six domains:

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Strategic business development
  3. Network recruitment, engagement, and support
  4. Contract administration and compliance
  5. Operations; and
  6. Information technology and security

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