Webinar recording

Developing your complex care program: Reviewing tools and resources in the Startup Toolkit 2.0

Building the complex care field Care management & redesign

The National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs recently published the Complex Care Startup Toolkit 2.0, which updates and adds to the original toolkit released in June 2021. The toolkit aims to support new and growing complex care programs by offering a reservoir of tools and materials from complex care teams and national organizations in the areas of program design, program operations, data & process improvement, team & leadership development, community mapping & collaboration, and communication & growth of success

In this webinar, speakers highlighted a few new resources from the Complex Care Startup Toolkit 2.0. Attendees also heard from three of the toolkit contributors. Jeneen Skinner and Jason Turi from the Camden Coalition discussed the steps and application of tools for the triage and intake of participants into complex care programs, and Alexandra Chan from Nonprofit Finance Fund, introduced two resources to support community-based organizations and healthcare entities building strategic partnerships.