LaRae Cantley

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Areas of Expertise: Advocacy, social justice, housing justice, systems change, community engagement, “edutainment”, and diversity, equity, and inclusion

Bio: LaRae Cantley is an advocate, facilitator, social justice activist, community leader, and relationship builder. She leverages social justice activism through consultation and partnerships with government, nonprofit, community academics, philanthropy, and businesses servicing human dignity. She is the Senior Manager of Community & Wellbeing with the Full Frame Initiative where she led a team of people with lived experience to author the Community Bill of Rights. She curates opportunities such as the Housing Justice LA podcast that infuses and operationalizes the vital element of the voice representation of people who are most proximate to the harms of inequities in order to co-create designs for regenerative policies, programs, and services. LaRae has lived experience at the intersection of many of our systems and brings a passion and commitment to seeing people as whole and recognizing and tapping into their talents, skills, and tremendous gifts. LaRae enjoys artistic expression to uplift and encourage thought as a means of liberation.