Stephanie Burdick

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Areas of expertise: Public health, health equity and evaluating policies around the social determinants of health, accessibility to social service programs, community health workers

Bio: Stephanie Burdick is a vocal advocate and survivor of traumatic brain injury in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a public health degree from Brigham Young University, Stephanie uses both her education and lived experience to add capacity to the movement for health equity. Through collaboration with community health workers and other advocates in Utah, she has been able to see the impact of community-centered decision making. Other areas of advocacy include: improving the value of Medicaid and making social service programs widely accessible; reframing the narrative about social service beneficiaries; and most recently identifying and addressing causes of mistrust. Stephanie finds purpose through channeling her pain into systems change; she finds solace in her faith, and she finds joy in hiking Utah’s beautiful mountains with family and friends.


  • National Center for Complex Care Conference Plenary Speaker, 2019
  • Speaker at Utah Brain Injury Conference, 2019
  • Speaker at Utah Health Policy Project Healthcare Conference, 2018
  • Panelist at Advancing Health Equity Learning Collaborative 1.0 Sunset Session
  • Speaker at Utah Health Policy Project Healthcare Conference, 2018
  • Speaker at University of Utah Hotspotting Student Conference, 2019
  • National Consumer Scholars Program, Camden Coalition, 2018 & 2019-2020
  • Panelist, How COVID Impacted Vulnerable Communities, 2021
  • Co-chair of Community Health Worker Workgroup for Finance and Advocacy, 2019-present
  • Committee Member of Utah’s Medical Care Advisory Committee, 2019-present
  • Advisory Board Member of Nonprofit Finance Fund’s ARCH initiative, 2019-present
  • Board Member of ACLU-Utah 2019-present
  • Board Member of the Disability Law Center, 2018-present
  • Member of Utah Brain Injury Council 2020-preset
  • Member of Intermountain Patient and Family Advisory Council, 2019-present