In this webinar, we joined Connie Montgomery and Risa Tolbert, co-authors of You’re not just a number: Putting care back into healthcare as they shared practical ideas and techniques to create and strengthen patient-provider partnerships. As Black women with histories in the healthcare profession, Montgomery and Tolbert have lived experiences as patients, caregivers, and healthcare practitioners, and bring this triple-layered vantage point to health services. Connie Montgomery is also an alum of the Camden Coalition’s National Consumer Scholar program.

Attendees listened in on role playing exercises that showed different ways that providers gather patients’ medical and social history. Presenters explained how each scenario could have been different, and demonstrated the distinction between better and best practices. This webinar emphasized the importance of giving patients/consumers the opportunity to drive the care process while providers use their skill set to support and facilitate that care.


Connie Montgomery

Volunteer Global Patient Advocate, MUSC Health; CHES Foundation Inc; PFCCpartners

Risa Tolbert

Radiation Therapist, Confident Care Health Services