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Trauma-informed care (March-April 2019)

Care management & redesign

The significance of trauma has become an increasingly accepted tenet of complex care. While there is general agreement on the core principles of trauma-informed care and that trauma can negatively impact an individual’s health and wellbeing, our March 2019 webinar and April 2019 Office Hours for Complex Care focused on how to apply trauma-informed approaches in a variety of settings.

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Webinar: Trauma-informed approaches in clinic & community settings

Presenters shared their experiences by incorporating principles of trauma-informed care in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Dr. Katy Davis discussed the trauma-informed primary care intervention practiced at the UCSF Women’s HIV clinic, along with reflections on client feedback and next steps for the program. Wendy Ellis discussed her experience with the Building Community Resilience program, working with community-based partners to deliver trauma-informed services that account for and address community-level trauma.


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Webinar date: March 21, 2019


Office Hours for Complex Care: Building a trauma-informed care team

This Office Hours session features care team members at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers discussed how to build a trauma-informed care team, especially when not everyone on the team has a clinical background. They addressed the importance of a trauma-informed approach throughout all phases of patient engagement, as well as practicing self-care as a complex care professional.


  • Jeneen Skinner, LPN, Clinical Manager, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
  • Bill Nice, MSW, Program Manager, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

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Office Hours date: April 24, 2019