The state of the field of complex care 2021: A message from the Field Coordinating Committee

Building the complex care field

The annual message from the Complex Care Field Coordinating Committee this year looks back at 2020 — a year of hardship, sacrifice, and loss, but also resilience, ingenuity, perseverance, and teamwork.

Individuals with complex health and social needs were disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 disease as well as by the social and economic impact of the pandemic. Complex care organizations and programs had to pivot quickly to meet new and exacerbated needs. Meanwhile, the field of complex care continued to make progress implementing the recommendations outlined in the 2018 Blueprint for Complex Care.

This year’s “State of the field” document highlights recent trends in complex care, including:

  • The field of complex care continues to amass knowledge from practice and research, define and refine its values and competencies, and develop a business case for expanded investment.
  • Expanded telehealth, including more flexible practice and financing policies that will extend beyond COVID-19.
  • Growing interest in cross-sector collaboration to advance health equity and address social determinants of health.
  • A critical opportunity to address structural determinants of health, beyond simply health-related social needs.

Download the 2021 State of the field