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The keys to financially sustaining coordinated complex care strategies

Building the complex care field Strengthening ecosystems of care Funding & financing

Across the country and in diverse care settings, providers have developed innovative, highly promising strategies for treating patients with complex health and social needs. Unfortunately, most healthcare systems and payment policies do not seamlessly support the necessary infrastructure and partnerships. Therefore, these strategies are difficult to sustain financially, despite evidence demonstrating cost savings and improved patient outcomes. Because each state has different policies regulating funding for this population, there is no single path to sustainability. Providers must be adaptable, able to navigate challenging funding environments, and highly collaborative.

In this webinar, Megan Ellingson of CHW Solutions and Rachel Smith of Providence Health & Services Oregon shared their paths to sustainability, lessons they’ve learned, and what’s next for their organizations in a discussion moderated by financial sustainability advisor, Anne Sherman of Social Impact Exchange.

CHW Solutions and Providence Health & Services Oregon participated in Bridging the Gap: Reducing Disparities in Diabetes Care, an initiative supported by the Merck Foundation that aims to improve access to high-quality diabetes care and reduce health disparities for vulnerable populations with diabetes. Although the initiative focuses on people living with diabetes, their experiences with integrated medical and social care and cross-sector collaboration can be extended to support individuals living with a range of complex chronic health conditions and social needs.