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Reducing hospital utilization among Native Hawaiians by focusing on social determinants of health

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Like many indigenous populations in the US, Native Hawaiians suffer from poor health outcomes as a result of displacement and colonization, which often show up as a high rate of homelessness and fewer opportunities to access education and build wealth. Native Hawaiians are overrepresented as the largest ethnic group experiencing homelessness in Hawaii. As the tertiary and major academic hospital for the state, the Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) has focused on addressing the social disparities experienced by the highest-risk Native Hawaiian patients with a model of care that starts in hospital inpatient settings. 

In this webinar, we welcomed Dr. Daniel Cheng, Tiffany Mukai, and Kehau Puou from Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, HI as they shared the disparities Native Hawaiians face, the social determinants model used by QMC community navigators, and how they have been able to bridge the siloed inpatient and outpatient worlds to deliver patient-centered care and improve outcomes at a lower cost for the healthcare system. 


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