Webinar recording

Psychological safety: A prescription for more effective teams

Care management & redesign Workforce development

In the highest-performing teams, members feel safe to take interpersonal risks — to speak up, to push back, to challenge the status quo. In this webinar, Kari Mader of Aurora Wellness Community at the University of Colorado and Kyle Turner of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy discussed how teams form and evolve, and how psychological safety can help smooth the bumps along the way. During the webinar, they analyzed the development of their own teams, and exchanged tips for fostering psychological safety.

Kyle and Kari have spent the last decade practicing as members of interprofessional teams where they have implemented practical tools to enhance psychological safety. Their experience, and the evolving body of research supporting psychological safety’s critical role in successful teaming, has led them to teach and consult in a variety of healthcare and education spaces.