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Office Hours for Complex Care: How to Share Ethical, Empowering Consumer Stories

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This Office Hours session features Kate Marple, Director of Communications for the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, discussed considerations for empowering collaborations with consumers and answer questions on related communications strategies involving consumer partners.

Consumer narratives and storytelling can spur audiences to organized action and build capacity for advocacy in those sharing their lived experience. These stories can also serve as qualitative data to inform program implementation and support development efforts. While this can be a powerful communications tool, great care should be placed in working with the consumers and developing products that share their stories in a meaningful, empowering, and ethical way.

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Webinar date: July 23, 2018

Who tells the story?

Kate Marple has independently published a guide called Who tells the story? for nonprofit organizations that want to make sure clients and communities are partners in shaping narratives. The guide includes research and concrete strategies for engaging clients in storytelling efforts, as well as sample tools to help foster informed conversations about consenting to share one’s story.

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