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Navigating the complex needs of youth aging out of foster care: A care management organization’s approach

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Transitioning to adulthood is challenging, especially for youth in the foster care system. The roughly 50% of youth that age out of foster care without either returning to the custody of a biological parent or being adopted often lack the support they need to encourage their ongoing attention to their physical and behavioral needs. Since 2014, Amerigroup Community Care has been the sole care management organization managing the Georgia Families 360 program, in charge of coordinating care for all of Georgia’s children in foster care, youth receiving adoption assistance, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

In this webinar, we welcomed Jameta Wheeler, Sando Zou-Capuzzi, and Ashleigh Cream as they discussed their multi-pronged approach to addressing the complex needs of this demographic, including their collaboration with community partner Youth Villages. They’ll also discussed how they established a youth advisory council to leverage the voices of youth with lived experiences and employ peer support to help young people successfully navigate the transition to adulthood.