Webinar recording

Inverting the burden: A health equity strategy for delivering complex care

Care management & redesign Strengthening ecosystems of care Homelessness & housing SDOH & health equity

“Inverting the burden” is an operational approach to achieving health equity by placing the burden of addressing racism and other inequities on institutions rather than individuals. It includes techniques for addressing the “downstream” immediate needs of complex care patients, the “midstream” supply of affordable housing, quality jobs, and insurance coverage, and the “upstream” root causes of systemic racism. In this webinar, we heard how Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) is inverting the burden at all three levels through the Community Resource Hubs serving the immediate needs of patients at Grady Health System and Mercy Care Atlanta. ARCHI is a multi-system health-housing collaborative of 100 partners, which is aligning health system investment in affordable housing and engaging in ongoing dialogue and learning through a now 4-year exploration of racism and health inequities.

In this webinar, Kathryn Lawler and Meredith Swartz of ARCHI, Jennifer Moore of Grady Health System, and Jasmine of Mercy Care Atlanta discussed their partnership and how the efforts to “invert the burden” have been co-designed with community members, co-funded through innovative partnerships, and are being assessed through real-time and iterative evaluations. Webinar participants learned the results of this work and how to implement it in their own communities.