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Integrating community health workers into a safety net hospital system to address health inequities

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Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI), the community-engaged research arm of safety net hospital Sinai Chicago (Sinai), is a leader in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative approaches to improve population health with a primary focus on communities on the South and West Sides of Chicago. Residents of these majority Black and Latinx communities often face burdensome socioeconomic conditions that impair their health and contribute to glaring health inequities. SUHI’s Community Health Worker (CHW) Support Program works to mitigate these adverse social determinants of health and address these inequities.

In this webinar, we welcomed Yesenia Galvan and Melinda Banks of Sinai Urban Health Institute as they shared more about the CHW Support Program. Presenters discussed how CHWs at SUHI screen patients for unmet social needs and link these patients to community-based resources to address these needs. They’ll also discussed how their CHWs improve connections between the clinical setting and community-based resources and how they reduce costs associated with unnecessary emergency department visits by channeling patients toward more suitable primary care settings.