Webinar recording

In pursuit of seamless integration: The East New York Health Hub

Care management & redesign Strengthening ecosystems of care Behavioral health & addiction

The need for integrated care is deeply felt in the Brooklyn, New York neighborhood of East New York, which struggles with high rates of poverty, violence, psychiatric hospitalizations, and chronic disease, exacerbated by long standing racial disparities. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the urgency of integration and pushed this work toward technology-enabled care, including teleconsultation and point-of-care testing. Integration is at the heart of the East New York Health Hub—a marriage of behavioral health and primary care, fostered by a physical and organizational partnership between the Institute for Community Living and Community Healthcare Network, an FQHC. Most clients of the Hub suffer from mental illness, and frequently have experienced trauma that impacts their ability to trust healthcare providers.

In this webinar, we welcomed Jeanie Tse and Ana Miguel of Institute for Community Living and Pavi Jaisankar of Community Healthcare Network as they discussed how the East New York Health Hub partners with patients in their journey to recovery using culturally responsive engagement strategies that are “outside the box” of traditional care. They also shared a case study about integrating primary care into Assertive Community Treatment services, showcasing the power of integration to help people get better.