Healthy eating and active living community assessment

Care management & redesign SDOH & health equity

As part of a grant from the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network, the Camden Coalition partnered with six faith-based organizations to conduct a community assessment for healthy eating and active living opportunities in Camden, NJ. As part of the collaborations’ review of the Parkside Healthy Eating and Active Living action plan, they determined that the most value would come from a walk audit to observe the community’s infrastructure and an individual survey to ask residents about the factors required for healthy eating and active living.

This report outlines the findings of walk audit and the individual survey, and provides recommendations for improving healthy living opportunities in Camden. Key takeaways include:

  • Despite 90% of respondents reporting that they have the means to cook meals at home, one out of three people do not eat a balanced meal every day.
  • Over half of the respondents reported visits to the food pantry as a part of their food shopping routine.
  • Almost 90% of the blocks walked by auditors had at least one barrier to safe walking, including broken sidewalks, litter, blocked paths, and poorly-lit walkways.
  • Most open areas were actually vacant lots, some of which needed to be cleared of abandoned property.

This resource includes the full report and downloadable versions of the walk audit and individual survey forms that can be adapted for use in any community.