Webinar recording

Coordinated Entry: Homelessness response and partnership opportunities to better serve those with complex housing and healthcare needs

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Coordination across housing and healthcare systems ensures that people experiencing homelessness are properly assessed for healthcare needs and able to access appropriate and adequate healthcare and housing resources. Coordinated Entry (CE), the process through which people experiencing homelessness are prioritized for resources based on severity of need, offers practical opportunities for cross-system coordination between homeless response and healthcare. By plugging into a community’s CE process, healthcare providers can ensure that patients with housing needs connect to the homeless assistance system in the way most likely to get them properly assessed for and connected to available resources. Many providers, however, are unaware of the fundamentals of homelessness response systems and of the opportunities that CE offers to help build collaborations to better serve their patients.

This webinar provided an overview of the basics of homelessness response, highlighting CE, and the opportunities it presents for cross-system collaboration and partnerships. Presenters also outlined several practical partnership opportunities that can improve access and outcomes for people with housing, health, and other social needs. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions of homelessness response and housing-health coordination subject matter experts, Nicole McCray-Dickerson and Gillian Morshedi of Homebase.


  • Nicole McCray-Dickerson, Directing Analyst, Homebase
  • Gillian Morshedi, J.D., Directing Attorney, Homebase