Building strong ecosystems: The Camden Coalition’s 2019 annual report

Strengthening ecosystems of care

The Camden Coalition serves individuals facing complex challenges, and effectively addressing those challenges cannot be accomplished by a single organization or sector. That’s why in 2019 we focused on creating and strengthening interdependent ecosystems of care locally in Camden, throughout New Jersey, and across the nation.

Our 2019 annual report surveys major areas of work including our care management intervention for people with complex health and social needs, clinical redesign initiatives in Camden and on the state level, connecting data across South Jersey, community engagement and coalition-building, and our national work building the field of complex care.

2019 highlights include:

  • Partnering with a homeless shelter in Camden to pilot shelter-based enrollment into the Camden Core Model
  • Working with partners across the state to co-create a brand new Regional Health Hub model for the state of New Jersey
  • Our fourth annual conference, Putting Care at the Center 2019, which brought organizations and individuals together from 45 states to learn about complex care ecosystem development