Webinar recording

Building partnerships to care for immigrant communities during COVID-19

Strengthening ecosystems of care COVID response

COVID-19 has compounded long-standing economic and health disparities, disproportionately affecting Latinos and other people of color. The CARES Act did not confer equal access to stimulus relief or Medicaid to immigrants who are more vulnerable due to roles in essential jobs. To address these structural inequities, organizations like La Clínica del Pueblo in Washington, D.C. are rapidly transforming services to improve healthcare and social care access.

In this webinar, Rodrigo Stein and Manuel Diaz-Ramirez from La Clínica del Pueblo described how La Clínica integrates healthcare and social care within a safety-net for immigrant patients, anchored in human connection and shared culture and language. Rodrigo and Manuel were joined by Dalila Boclin from FRESHFARM to share the cross-sector solutions that connect clients to accessible food distribution tailored to their needs and preferences.

This webinar was one of a three-part webinar series featuring grantees of the Bridging the Gap: Reducing Disparities in Diabetes Care, a five-year initiative supported by the Merck Foundation that aims to improve access to high-quality diabetes care and reduce health disparities for vulnerable populations with diabetes. Although the initiative focused on people living with diabetes, their experiences with integrated medical and social care and cross-sector collaboration can be extended to support individuals living with a range of complex chronic health conditions and social needs.