Behavioral healthcare is a key support for people with complex health and social needs. However, these services are often separated from other healthcare and social care services because of different funding streams, delivery organizations, and cultures. To provide care for a whole person, these sectors must be brought together to communicate and coordinate. In order to meet their community members’ behavioral health needs, two communities – one in Camden, NJ and one in St. Louis, MO – worked to build ecosystems of care.

This webinar shared the lessons that these two communities learned in the process of building and strengthening their ecosystems of care, including through partnerships with medical healthcare providers, incorporating community voice, and building organizational relationships. It also provided an overview of what the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs is doing to build ecosystems of care around the country. The webinar featured Anita Udaiyar and Wendy Orson of Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis, Michelle Joo of Oaks Integrated Care, Patty Morrow of Mercy Health, Rhonda Coursey of Places for People, and Mouy Eng K. Van Galen and Leigh Wilson-Hall of the Camden Coalition.


Anita Udaiyar

Director of Behavioral Health Clinical Strategies, Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis

Leigh Wilson-Hall

Associate Director of Clinical Redesign Initiatives, Camden Coalition

Michelle Joo

Director of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, Oaks Integrated Care

Mouy Eng K. Van Galen

Senior Program Manager for Clinical Redesign Initiatives, Camden Coalition

Patty Morrow

Vice President of Behavioral Health Services, Mercy Health

Rhonda Coursey

Complex Care Team Leader, Places for People

Wendy Orson

CEO, Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis