Harvard Business Review highlights the Coalition’s focus on patient-provider relationships

Care management & redesign

The Camden Coalition’s work was featured this fall in the Harvard Business Review, part of a case-based series on the Future of Primary Care conducted by Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care.

Southcentral Foundation in Alaska, Martin’s Point Health Care in Bangor, Maine, and the Direct Primary Care Summit in Kansas City, Missouri, along with the Coalition, are presented as leaders in the movement to prioritize high-quality patient-provider relationship building as central to improving outcomes and reducing costs for patients. All the practices cited are also collecting outcome and cost data, building evidence for the efficacy of their approach.

According to the study’s authors, Andrew Ellner, co-director of the Center for Primary Care, and Erin E. Sullivan, research and curriculum director, “all the practices and systems we’ve studied prioritize relationships with patients over cost and outcome measures, which they often assess through such indicators as accessibility (time to next available appointment) and patient-satisfaction and engagement metrics. The leaders of these practices all believe that by promoting relationship building on an individual patient level, favorable costs and outcomes will follow.”

Read the full article here: Harvard Business Review: Strong Patient-Provider Relationships Drive Healthier Outcomes.