Mia Matthews

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Areas of expertise: Caring for kids with complex medical needs at home, patient-centered care, advocacy, coping with the loss of a child, improving the patient/provider relationship

Bio: Mia Matthews of Baltimore, Maryland is an honored advocate for kids with complex medical needs and full time cool mom. She is committed to fighting for kids who have tracheostomies and are ventilator-dependent on receiving high quality nursing care inside their homes. Mia has introduced two bills in the Maryland General Assembly Legislature in 2019 and 2020 that have a focus on improving nursing education for home health nurses who care for kids with complex medical needs. She serves on the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Family Advisory Committee, Mount Washington Hospital Family Advisory Committee, Board Member at PACT: Daycare for Children with Special Needs and the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative Patient and Family Committee. When Mia is not fighting to raise awareness on the importance of additional home health education, she enjoys spending time at home and walking in her neighborhood.