Alyce Luna

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Areas of expertise: Trauma informed care, patient-centered care, children with medical complexities and children with special health care needs, family and community engagement, cross-sector collaboration, equity, diversity and inclusion, systems improvement, disability rights, access to care, care coordination, rare disease advocacy

Bio: Alyce Luna is the mother of four children, all of whom have their own special health needs, including autism, epilepsy, learning disabilities, and a rare brain malformation. Her passion lies in bridging the gap between families and professionals and fostering equity in healthcare settings. Having life experience as a single mother and a married mother, and in a family blended not only by marriage but also by race and economic background, she believes that all are deserving of access to meaningful healthcare and related services. In addition to her lived experience, Alyce has a variety of professional experiences in healthcare including working with families affected by traumatic brain injuries by providing in home respite and supporting their activities of daily living, working as the Business Director of an assisted living home, and working in the corporate office of a local hospital system. She has collaborated with various health organizations on national, state, and local levels, and feels very grateful for any opportunity to help families and professionals navigate healthcare systems to support favorable health outcomes for all.