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By Amy Yuen

Now in our 15th year, the Camden Coalition has grown from a small local project to a leading complex care innovator sharing our knowledge and experience with communities across the country. To lay the groundwork for broadening our impact in the next three years while deepening our foundational work in Camden, we have launched a strategic plan that will effectively move our work forward to transform a health care system that delivers better care at lower cost for patients with complex needs.

The new plan outlines our strategies for building on our relationship-based care model in Camden and coalescing the field of complex care nationally. Measurable goals will mark our progress along the way, mapping a clear path that will define our successes through 2020.

“We’ve launched a thoughtful and concise strategic plan that allows the Camden Coalition to imagine bolder, more effective ways to move forward,” said interim CEO Jared Susco. “We’ve lengthened our reach while continuing to serve more people than ever in our hometown. The accomplishments and potential of our Medicaid Accountable Care Organization and its activities like Housing First continue to inspire communities around the country, as the field of complex care moves from emergence to coalescence. It’s a journey we started fifteen years ago.”

Ratified by our board in June, our strategic plan was created through collaborative input from a wide range of the Coalition’s stakeholders. Interviews with our staff, board members, partners, and Camden residents shaped the plan. “Although a process like this takes more time, it was the right thing to include all voices in our community,” said Jared. “We want to ensure that we develop strategies and goals that we all own and live, rather than a mandate.” The result: a new strategic plan grounded in our mission and vision, guided by our core values, and activated by the Camden Coalition’s structure and staffing.

The launch of our strategic plan comes at a pivotal time as the Camden Coalition continues to expand our reach. We are building up the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs as a hub to unite and advance the field of complex care, and in November, welcomed over 600 innovators from across the country for the second annual Putting Care at the Center conference in Los Angeles. Closer to home, we will begin working with multiple clinical delivery sites and community service providers across Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties in January to advance the Accountable Health Communities model to screen for social correlates of health and provide health and social service navigation. By expanding our local work to three counties, we will be able to identify regional barriers and create an advisory structure aimed at addressing those barriers. These initiatives are just two of the many projects and programs that will benefit from the additional structure provided by our new strategic plan.

“Our scope is now truly national, yet our roots are still local, and our commitment to Camden remains stronger than ever,” said Jared.

Highlights of our strategic plan
For the next three years, the Camden Coalition will organize its work around the following five strategies and their associated goals:

  1. Innovate and adapt interventions alongside community members. We will pilot and co-design new interventions with community members participating in these interventions to improve their wellbeing. Specifically, we will pilot three care interventions designed to improve utilization and self-perceived well-being among participants.
  2. Operationalize complex care interventions in Camden. We will ensure that eligible individuals with complex health and social needs will have a clear, holistic, and realistic care plan that is grounded in their goals. They will have a shared care plan that drives connection to high-quality services across the community.
  3. Mobilize stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels. We will bring together diverse stakeholders to improve the wellbeing of individuals with complex health and social needs. Specifically, we will increase the breadth of partners collaborating in the complex care movement, across diverse experiences, perspectives, and sectors.
  4. Foster theory and practice for complex care alongside those building the field. We will further the complex care field by creating, gathering, and disseminating knowledge, including knowledge gained from outside clinical interventions, as well as practical application of knowledge in health care settings. We will also support the practical application of this knowledge through our work with the National Center, as well as consulting, teaching, and capacity building. We will evolve and deepen adoption of a shared set of core principles and competencies.
  5. Integrate data and information systems within and across sectors. We will evaluate 100% of the Coalition’s initiatives using a comprehensive set of data. To break down silos within the health care system and across sectors, we will share and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to help improve the delivery of medical, behavioral, and social services.


“This is a groundbreaking moment for the Coalition, as this is the first time we will have strategies and goals at the organization level that we can measure and manage,” said Jared. “Like any successful start-up, we are maturing from an organization sparked by evidence-driven imagination to one deepened by world-class operationalization. I am personally excited by this next chapter of our journey together. Now more than ever, we remember why we came to this work – to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals with complex health and social needs.”

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