Community Ambassadors 


The Community Ambassadors initiative prepares trusted community messengers to share important public health information and answer questions from their residents. By partnering with healthcare agencies, we facilitate bidirectional dialogue between community leaders and medical experts about health issues. This system creates direct avenues for inclusion of community members in problem-solving and innovation that helps keep their families and neighbors healthy, especially in times of crises like a pandemic.

Become a Community Ambassador

Community Ambassadors are limited to Camden County residences. Please fill out this form and a staff member will be in touch to discuss your application.

COVID work

During the COVID-19 pandemic our community engagement team has partnered with other local organizations to host regular pop-up vaccination sites. At these events, we share information about COVID-19 and the vaccine with individuals who have any questions or concerns. The dialogue at pop-up sites has led to extensive conversations with community members around barriers to healthcare. These conversations have helped the Camden Coalition build stronger connections in the communities we serve, and these relationships continue to grow the more we are out in the field.

Communities served:

Camden County, Salem County, & Cumberland County

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