Reflections on BMS Grantee Summit

March 25, 2014
March 28, 2023
Honoring and uplifting the contributions of behavioral health to the field of complex care at this year’s conference
Putting Care at the Center 2023 seeks to honor and uplift the contributions of behavioral health to the field of complex care.
Carter Wilson, Director, National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs and Technical Assistance
March 21, 2023
The state of the field of complex care 2023
Increasingly, health equity and social determinants of health have become part of the healthcare delivery system.
Mark Humowiecki, General Counsel and Senior Director for National Initiatives
February 22, 2023
Camden Coalition adds first “non-local” Trustee to Board
In December, the Camden Coalition Board of Trustees voted unanimously to extend an invitation to Toby Douglas to serve as a Trustee.
Jill Waldbieser
February 8, 2023
Hello Baby: Strengthening resource connections for parents and families in Allegheny County, PA
Allegheny County, PA convenes a monthly forum for community partners and providers who want to transform care.
By Gladys Antelo-Allen, Senior Program Manager for Field Building and Resources
January 31, 2023
Consumer spotlight: Celebrating advancements in consumer engagement and paving the way forward
Over the last two years, the complex care field has seen a growing interest in consumer and community engagement.
Evelyne Kane, Sr. Program Manager, Community Engagement & Capacity Building
January 18, 2023
“Everyone deserves that chance:” Brian Thompson on his goals for the NJ Opioid Recovery and Remediation Advisory Council
We interviewed Brian about the experience and vision he will bring to the Opioid Recovery and Remediation Advisory Council.
Hannah Mogul-Adlin, Senior Communications Manager

Last month our staff had the opportunity to attend the Bristol-Myers Squibb Grantee Summit on diabetes. Heidy Espada, our LPN, took some wonderful photos and reflected on her experience:

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to attend the BMS summit in Atlanta Georgia.  I’m always amazed at how we, as a Coalition, impact so many people in other organizations. Just about every speaker quoted something from Dr Brenner’s speech. We are so proud of our mighty leader in transforming healthcare.Some things I found interesting that we are currently doing and are implemeted in organizations:

  • flexibility with patients; patients are being seen at the home, community centers, and even the patient’s jobs
  • the role of community healthcare workers is on demand;  more and more organizations are seeing the value of community healthcare workers
  • meeting patients where they are “at”;  not forcing patients to change but more or less helping patients at whatever stage they may be in behavioral change.
  • the importance of not giving to much information to patients even though our gut says she needs to know this or that. It’s more beneficial to to help the pt come to conclusions on their own. So though not to many people knew of Motivational interviewing, they know of the importance of this “language”

We are on the right track in transforming how healthcare needs to be for our patients regardless of age, race,ethnicity, sex, economic status, education level,  religious beliefs, or health issues.

Heidy Espada is an LPN and manages the New Jersey Medication Access and Compliance Program, where she helps qualified patients secure free medication through several pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs.  The patients she assists often have no other means of getting the medication they need.  In coordination with the primary care provider, she reviews all prescription and dosage information, provides education, and helps patients manage their medication regime.   A resident of Camden, Heidy has several years of experience working in healthcare, including in adult and child day care, patient rehab, and medical records.  She is a graduate of Camden County Technical Vocational School and received her Practical Nursing Diploma from Lincoln Technical Institute.

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