Our online social service finder expands beyond Camden County

By Amy Yuen

Two years ago, Camden Coalition teamed up with national software platform Aunt Bertha to launch My Camden Resources, a free search tool for social services available to Camden residents. Since its launch, the site has averaged 1,000 to 2,000 searches per month, providing Camden County providers and residents up-to-date information on how to access local resources — anything from housing to childcare to job placement services, and more. The Coalition has now worked with our local community partners and Aunt Bertha to make our biggest improvement to date: we’ve regionally expanded the online search tool beyond Camden County limits to include resources located in Burlington and Gloucester counties. Users now have easy access to an even greater number of resources that can help them meet their needs.

Since expanding geographically, we’ve changed its name from My Camden Resources to My Resource Pal. We wanted to make sure new users in Burlington and Gloucester county understood the tool was for more than just Camden county residents. To ensure the recently added resources have been accurately incorporated, we are reaching out to the new programs listed in My Resource Pal so they can manage their listings, ensure that their pages are up-to-date, and provide clear instructions to the public on how to access their services.

In addition to the expanded reach, My Resource Pal now features functionalities that will allow clinical providers participating in our Accountable Health Communities model to screen patients for health-related social needs and provide referrals to community service providers who can potentially address their needs. As part of a five-year initiative of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, the Camden Coalition is partnering with clinical and community service providers serving these three counties to screen Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries for a range of social needs: housing instability, food instability, utility needs, interpersonal violence, and transportation. Patients who screen positive for at least one health-related social need will receive a referral summary, printed out from my Resource Pal, of community service providers who can address their identified needs. To lead up to the official launch of our Accountable Health Communities model in August, the Coalition is currently piloting My Resource Pal with a small number of clinical providers and their patients.

“My Resource Pal is a tool that providers, the front desk, nurses, and social work staff will be able to use with their patients to get them connected to resources in the community,” said Marisol Velazquez, Resource Network Coordinator for Accountable Health Communities at the Coalition. “Our total care for ourselves is not only about our health, but it’s about our social needs as well.”

To learn more about My Resource Pal or find out how your organization can get involved, visit our webpage or contact careplanning@camdenhealth.org. Visit https://myresourcepal.org to look for services near you. To claim your organization’s listing, visit https://myresourcepal.org/find_a_program.

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