Results from the randomized controlled trial studying the impact of the Camden Core Model on hospital readmissions were published online on January 8, 2020. While the study showed no difference in readmissions for the intervention and control group, this research illuminates important lessons for the Camden Coalition and the field of complex care.

In this blog post published January 9, 2020 on the Health Affairs blog, the Camden Coalition’s Chief Executive Officer Kathleen Noonan discusses two major takeaways from the study: broadening our metrics for defining success and strengthening our communities to better serve people with complex needs.

“Like medicine itself, the work of caring for our nation’s most vulnerable people is neither simple to do nor easy to measure. Sometimes, we can’t make change. And sometimes, the successes just take longer to observe. But let’s welcome the setbacks, iterations, and partnerships that clear the path for better health for all.” 

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