Building the table together: Lessons on authentic community engagement from INSPIRE

This webinar is a part of RX Foundation's ongoing series, Power is a social determinant of health


Virtual 1-2 pm ET

Community & consumer engagement Strengthening ecosystems of care

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Community engagement is a powerful tool for organizations and communities that want to create lasting and positive change. When done well, community engagement builds trust, advances health equity, creates cost-savings and efficiencies for healthcare organizations, and leads to healthy and thriving communities. Unfortunately, too often, well-intentioned community engagement initiatives are limited in diversity, fail to achieve meaningful outcomes, and fall short of authentic power-sharing.

INSPIRE (Initiating National Strategies for Partnership, Inclusion, and Real Engagement) is a national partnership project that brings together the Camden Coalition, Community Catalyst, the Center to Advance Consumer Partnership, PFCCpartners, the Institute for Patient-and Family-Centered Care, alongside a team of experts with lived experience. Together we are working to co-design a national strategy to advance meaningful partnerships between healthcare organizations and community members.

During this interactive session, members of the INSPIRE team will:

  • Discuss foundational definitions of what community engagement is and is not;
  • Share major finding from INSPIRE‚Äôs research efforts engaging over 300 healthcare stakeholders and community members from across the country; and
  • Offer principles and actionable steps that healthcare organizations and people with lived experience can take to advance meaningful partnerships that build community power

This session is hosted by the Rx Foundation as part of the Power is a social determinant of health series.