Camden Coalition Hotspotting Curriculum

Camden Coalition Hotspotting Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Each link, or tile, is an individual piece of hotspotting information. Your hotspotting knowledge will grow as you interact with more tiles. The curriculum is nonlinear; your interests, experiences, and needs can dictate the tiles you access and the order in which you engage with them. As some may want a suggested order to the hotspotting tiles, we have organized the curriculum chronologically or by intervention milestones, as seen below, and by theme, as seen in the top column on the right.

After completing the mosaic curriculum, you will be able to explain how to:

  • Identify, select, and build a relationship with complex patients
  • Assist complex patients in meeting their priorities and goals by navigating complex systems
  • Sustainably address patient goals

Introduction to Hotspotting

This milestone defines hotspotting and associated terminology, shares background on how the Coalition came to its disruptive model of healthcare reform, and outlines the importance of interdisciplinary teams. This milestone provides the background knowledge upon which the other milestones rest.


This milestone prepares learners for having the privilege of hearing patient stories and for building relationships with patients. The milestone also outlines the patient selection process.


The Enrollment Milestone includes the purpose of and what to cover in an initial patient conversation in the hospital, and the importance of setting realistic expectations, hearing patient stories, and relationship building through listening and empathy.

First Home Visit

In the First Home Visit Milestone you will discover activities that take place during a first home visit, such as conducting a medication reconciliation, observing a patient’s normal routine, and backwards planning. This milestone also discusses the concepts of harm reduction and motivational interviewing, which guide our patient interactions.

First Primary Care Provider Visit

This milestone explains accompanying a patient to a first primary care provider visit. It includes preparing for a visit, waiting in a provider waiting room with a patient, being in the exam room with the patient, and debriefing the appointment afterward. For a patient to reduce hospital utilization over the long-term, we believe having a strong patient and provider relationships, and redefining intervention success are crucial and covered in this milestone.

Messy Middle

The Messy Middle Milestone covers how to continue to engage with patients and work to meet their priorities. Included is the uncovering and addressing of underlying drivers of behavior. This milestone also provides multiple tiles on overcoming patient barriers and impasses.


The graduation milestone covers the celebration of the patient’s accomplishments at the end of the short-term intervention, knowing when a patient is ready to graduate, and what overall intervention success looks like.

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