By Hannah Mogul-Adlin

Lauran Hardin, Senior Director of Cross-Continuum Transformation at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, is one of our National Center faculty members and an AARP Scholar-in-Residence at the National Center. She has published a series of journal articles on her work establishing a Complex Care Center at Trinity Health in Michigan.

Cross-Continuum Tool Is Associated with Reduced Utilization and Cost for Frequent High-Need Users describes the Complex Care MapĀ© tool designed by Lauran and her Trinity Health colleagues. The Complex Care MapĀ© helps streamline and coordinate care for patients with complex health and social needs by linking providers to a single longitudinal analysis of patients’ root causes of utilization and helps in improving delivery of individualized care. Using this tool, the authors showed a 43% decrease in emergency department visits and a 44% decrease in inpatient admissions.

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