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As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the field of complex care, the Camden Coalition regularly publishes lessons from our work. Our research and quality improvement efforts inform policy and practice. Read some of our recent publications:

  • RCT investigates impact of Camden Core Model on hospital readmissions

    "Healthcare hotspotting: A randomized, controlled trial," authored by researchers affiliated with J-PAL North America

  • Rapid connection to primary care after hospital discharge reduces readmissions

    "Outcomes of a Citywide Campaign to Reduce Medicaid Hospital Readmissions With Connection to Primary Care Within 7 Days of Hospital Discharge"

  • Stable housing allows patients to focus on their health

    "Assessing the relationship between housing and health among medically complex, chronically homeless individuals experiencing frequent hospital use in the United States"

  • Analysis of our patients' behavioral health and social needs

    "Characteristics and Behavioral Health Needs of Patients with Patterns of High Hospital Use: Implications for Primary Care Providers"

  • Identifying overlaps between patterns of frequent arrests and high hospital use

    "Integrated Health Care and Criminal Justice Data — Viewing the Intersection of Public Safety, Public Health, and Public Policy Through a New Lens: Lessons from Camden, New Jersey"

  • Security, genuineness, and continuity are central to creating authentic healing relationships

    "The Core of Care Management: The Role of Authentic Relationships in Caring for Patients with Frequent Hospitalizations"

  • How our care team uses their time in the Camden Core Model

    "Time and Effort in Care Coordination for Patients with Complex Health and Social Needs: Lessons from a Community-Based Intervention"

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