Regional Health Hubs

Regional Health Hubs

Fragmented and siloed systems of care lead to poor outcomes and experiences for New Jersey’s Medicaid patients. The Camden Coalition worked with state leadership and partner organizations across New Jersey to develop and implement a new model to stitch together multiple systems at a regional level. This model, called a Regional Health Hub, brings together multiple sectors to address state priorities and other pressing health concerns in each of four regions across the state.

In February 2020, Governor Murphy signed into law legislation to create Regional Health Hubs across the state. Per the legislation, each Regional Health Hub must:

  • Operate a Health Information Platform;
  • Convene community stakeholders, at least quarterly; and
  • Serve state departments as a strategic planning partner.

Other activities include:

  • Planning and executing population and patient-level health interventions;
  • Operating a community resource inventory;
  • Performing a health needs assessment for the region;
  • Other quality improvement activities;
  • Screening protocols on social determinants of health;
  • Care management and coordination; and
  • Providing an annual report on the health goals and needs of the region.


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