State Initiatives

In partnership with providers, consumers, payers, and social service organizations, the Camden Coalition advocates for policy change that will provide better care for New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents. Lessons from our local work inform our state-level advocacy. 

Priority issues include:

Fragmented and siloed systems of care lead to poor outcomes and experiences for New Jersey’s Medicaid patients. The Camden Coalition worked with state leadership and partner organizations across New Jersey to develop and implement a new model to stitch together multiple systems at a regional level. This model, called a Regional Health Hub, brings together multiple sectors to address state priorities and other pressing health concerns in each of four regions across the state. Each Regional Health Hub operates a robust health information exchange, convenes community stakeholders from across the region, and serves as a strategic planning partner for the State.

As overdose deaths in New Jersey continue to rise, the Camden Coalition has worked to eliminate barriers to life-saving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Even though New Jersey waived prior authorization for MAT for private health plans in 2017, the barrier remained for patients on Medicaid. To eliminate this barrier, the Camden Coalition designed a pilot program with one payer to remove prior authorization for Medicaid patients who were being treated for opioid use disorder at two providers in Camden. We used the success of the program to advocate on the state level for the removal of prior authorization for MAT for Medicaid participants. Effective April 1, 2019, the Department of Human Services has eliminated prior authorization for MAT for all Medicaid beneficiaries.

Our policy team works closely with our consumers and care team staff to identify patients’ barriers to health and well-being that could be addressed through policy change. Our team connects patients and staff to statewide policy conversations and campaigns being led by other organizations and also takes on new issues ourselves. For example, in 2018, Camden Coalition patients participated in an advocacy campaign to expand access to state identifications in New Jersey. Patients participated in a rally and hearing in Trenton and also had the opportunity to share their story through media coverage.

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