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We are currently seeking proposals for workshop and Beehive presentations for Putting Care at the Center 2023. These requests for proposals (RFPs) are open to leaders, practitioners, students, researchers, advocates, and others wishing to share opensource resources and tools, innovative programs and partnerships, field experiences, and significant research findings.

Core tenets:

  • Priority will be given to presenters who have lived experience of complex health and social needs, and presenters from underrepresented and/or marginalized communities.
  • Presenters are encouraged to ground their content in relevant complex care
    frameworks, including the
    Blueprint for Complex Care, the complex care ecosystem, and the complex care core competencies.
  • Presentations should recognize the complexity of systems and institutions, including the impact of structural racism.
  • Recognizing the diversity of the audience, presentations should be appropriate for attendees from different sectors, disciplines, and professions.
Workshop submission guidelines

Workshop sessions should expose participants to knowledge and skills that are relevant and immediately actionable. Examples include describing a particular care model, teaching a specific skill, or discussing a research finding or policy topic. Workshops should focus on generalizations and takeaways for a broad audience. Presenters are encouraged to weave the conference theme of Elevating behavioral health in wholeperson care into their presentation. We are particularly interested in workshops that focus on one or more of the following topics:

Care delivery

  • Clinical models e.g., settingor subpopulationspecific interventions, care
    coordination workflows
  • Core competencies e.g., personcentered, relationshippowered care; human
    complexity and context, etc.

Data & evaluation

  • Datasharing platforms and processes
  • Population segmentation and patient identification
  • Evaluation methods and measures
  • Quality improvement

Policy & advocacy

  • Advocacy skills and techniques
  • Case studies illustrating policy design and implementation
  • Payment and financing

Program design & operations

  • How to integrate people with lived experience into program design and evaluation
  • Innovative staffing models or integrated teams
  • Partnerships to improve cross-sector referral systems
  • Workforce retention and resilience

Leadership & collaboration

  • Making the case to leadership for collaboration and alignment across systems
  • Addressing barriers to trust in historically marginalized communities
  • Leading cross-sector collaborations (e.g. law enforcement, education, child welfare)

Download the workshop presentation RFP (pdf) to learn more.

Submit a workshop proposal

Deadline for submission has been extended to March 31.

Beehive submission guidelines

The Beehive is the innovation and semi-structured networking space at the conference. The goal is to share emerging knowledge, experience, strategy, and challenges with and among attendees, and secure new allies and potential collaborators. Watch this video to learn more.

Beehive presentations should aim to raise relevant issues, showcase research and innovation related to complex care, and facilitate exchange and conversation with a diverse audience of practitioners and people with lived experience from across the country.

Presentation topics may span:

  • care delivery,
  • data and evaluation,
  • policy and advocacy,
  • program design and operations,
  • leadership and collaboration,
  • and/or community engagement and consumer partnership.

Beehive presentations should be 1:1 or conducive to small group conversations, and can highlight:

  • research,
  • evaluation findings,
  • best practices,
  • tools and resources, and
  • other discussion prompts

There are two ways to participate in the Beehive:

  • Poster presentations: Posters are physical displays highlighting patient cases, programs, research, and case studies of interest to conference attendees. Posters should be educational in nature and not promote a particular product or service.
  • Tabletop presentations: Participants share an open-source resource, model, tool, technology, or program they have developed and/or implemented that other attendees can apply in their programs and organizations.

Download the Beehive RFP

Submit a Beehive proposal

Deadline for submission is June 15.

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