The COACH framework

Engaging and empowering patients

COACHSM is the framework for how we build authentic healing relationships with individuals that empower them to take control of their health. COACH is an acronym that describes the tools and techniques that our care team members use to work with our program participants towards sustained behavior change, and to track progress in supporting them to reach their goals.

COACH was designed for our care management intervention for individuals living with complex health and social needs in Camden, NJ, but the tools and techniques it describes can be applied to behavior change interventions in a wide range of settings, in healthcare and in domains like education and social services.

The COACH participant engagement framework was put into practice at the Camden Coalition in 2014, and was codified into a manual in 2016 with the help of at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s PolicyLab.

COACH stands for:

C: Create a care plan
O: Observe the normal routine
A: Assume a coaching style
C: Connect tasks with vision and priorities
H: Highlight effort with data

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Learn how to implement our COACH framework

We offer a two-week, five session course course that combines live, instructor-led trainings with supplemental reflection and learning activities to give you the knowledge, tools, and experience to implement our COACH framework. Upon completion of the course, you will receive the unabridged COACH manual for future reference, which provides an in-depth exploration of the behaviors and tools needed to implement the COACH framework.

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